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The combination of our skills and experience makes us unique, being always the best.

Wedding Package

After the wedding, we spend an additional two to five hours processing and editing your photos, for each hour of shooting you purchased.

Video Services

Once completed, we can output your final product on CD, DVD, VCD and VHS Videotape, assuring you a quality product .

Books, Albums, and Presentation

There is no substitute for a professionally-designed, custom-created wedding book.

Wedding Photography

The Wedding Day is a very important day in your life and many of us would like to capture each and every moment for later memories.

Wedding video and photography

Filming weddings, anniversaries, special events, advertising, presentations, editing, Interviews, Movies, short films, all at a click away!

Video Production

Watching a video of the special moments of your life is like traveling back in the time. We create your wedding video with complete attention and utmost care.

Our Services

We offer amazing services to fit any budget. Words are not necessary to describe the level of service we deliver. Our products and services serve as proof of our dedication to your needs and ongoing appreciation of your continued business with us.

Video production & Photo services

Editing, Create and Mixing shooting, All movie, DVD, [HD], Independent Films Production, etc; Magic Photoshop, All best performance, editing, design, filters, etc;

Professional montage and footages

Professional montage and footages, grafic mixing, visual creations, etc. We work with Adobe CS6, and we have the latest technology avalaible.

Website Design

Stylish Web Design & Development in CMS & Flash. Your web design is the expression of your company’s personality online. A website is a key component of the marketing strategy for any successful business.

Domains, hosting, marketing tools

A talented team of developers and designers. We are focussed on creating results based around our clients’ needs. We design for clear navigation, appropriate layout and utmost usability.


A Little About Us

We started creating websites in 2010 and haven’t looked back, we’ve now got well over 25 sites under our belt and are growing year on year. We don’t employ sales people, most of our work comes from word of mouth – we simply create sites that maximise your companies potential. Our team are all experts in their field – we employ only the best developers & designers. If you’d like to come in and meet us and have a chat about a new online project. Our mission is to please you in every way possible with our photos as well as our video, to capture every emotion and detail to make your moments unforgettable. We have a wide range of services that includes full coverage of weddings, debuts, family, seniors, kids, engagement & family reunions. It is original and unique and the memories are endless. The quality of our service has not only let our clients satisfied it has encouraged them to refer us to friends and family. We invite you to view our video work. Each video is edited and produced with care and the most attention to every detail. We appreciate your time and we understand it is valuable there for we demand the best quality and the most information about your concerns and thoughts.

Photo Gallery

If you enjoy taking pictures and dream of leading an entrepreneurial lifestyle, you may find yourself wondering how to open a photography studio. While becoming a successful professional photographer is not easy, opening a photography studio is not as difficult as you might expect. In fact, many people choose to run a photography studio as a part-time business while carrying on their regular full-time employment.

High Quality

As your business grows, you'll find it more and more difficult to handle everything on your own. Hiring an assistant can be a good way to free up some of your time. Photography teachers from nearby community colleges or state universities can be good resources for finding talented young people interested in learning more about what it takes to run a successful photography studio.


A website is a key component of the marketing strategy for any successful photography studio. A website should make it easy for prospective customers to see samples of your work, learn more about your professional background, view rates or special promotions, and book appointments online. Hire an experienced Web designer to create a site for your business; don't try to save money by tackling the job on your own.